Large Population Of The Chinese Consumer Market

by on November 24, 2020

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China is a country which has the largest population in the world which means that the different needs of that population needs to be fulfilled which necessitates the use of different products and services. This makes it an extremely lucrative opportunity for businesses around the world to take advantage of as it means that they have an access to a large amount of people who can use their particular product and service. This makes it an easy and effective method to target the Chinese market for marketing of your particular product and service to ensure that you have a greater level of consumer retention and consumer exposure which can help in ensuring that you have a high level of revenue which ultimately translates to a higher level of profit. This means that your business will be poised for success when it comes to exploring opportunities that are provided by the Chinese consumer market. At WeTools, we recognise the importance of providing high quality marketing services which enable you to sell on WeChat which is one of the most popular social media and networking apps that is present in the Chinese market.

The use of WeChat is extremely common in the Chinese market as it is an app which provides a large amount of different services to its users such as social media networking, banking services as well as shopping services that are provided to its users. This means that the sell on WeChat service that we provide is an efficient and proven method to ensure the success of your business in the Chinese market as it provides you easy access to millions of different Chinese users who will be the perfect match to buy your particular good or service.

Services Offered by WeTools

Sell on WeChat is a service that is offered by WeTools to ensure the success of global businesses in the Chinese consumer market as it provides access to a platform which is used by millions of Chinese users. This makes it an extremely easy method to reach different consumers who may be interested in buying the products and services that are offered by your business. This in turn will translate to a higher level of revenue as more and more people will be buying your particular product and service that is offered by your business which will translate to higher business performance and will ultimately lead to a greater level of profit for the business. The Chinese market is an extremely lucrative business opportunity which many businesses want to exploit but the language and marketing barriers to prevent this from happening. This makes us the perfect marketing agency to contact if you want to sell on WeChat and want to explore business opportunities in China.

All in all, if you want High quality Services related to exploring the large and diverse Chinese consumer market for the products and services that are offered by your business, then WeTools should be your first and final choice. We offer high quality services such as sell on WeChat which can be extremely beneficial for any business that is looking to expand its consumer base into the Chinese consumer market.

3 Ways How Your Hotel Can Benefit From Public Relations

by on March 8, 2019

Tactical business is all about showing the best version of what you do to the public. It’s just the way it is no matter how surprising or persuading it seemed to be. After all, you need people to understand that you are their best option in each and every method. In the process of using public relations, a hotel can be extremely benefited as long as the choice of the public relations company. Do you want to how exactly?Here are 3 specific ways how a public relations company can benefit a hotel.

To change misconceptions

Running a successful hotel is never easy. You need to know what you’re doing is right and you need to maintain everything in the right manner all along. Even if you do everything right, there is a very high chance of the public ending up with a negative perception. This could be in terms of the expenses, the quality matters or even the bizarre factors that you never expect. These opinions cannot be easily changed. They need specific approached and gradual treating. With the right hospitality pr services to first recover from the issues and then make the hotel look better.

To show the hotel as a top choice of tourism

Australia is a holiday destination for most of the tourists in the world. But if you feel like it’s not so much in the accommodation perspective, it’s because your place is yet to be identified as one. To address an issue like this you need the assistance of a public relations company and a brand agency Melbourne. With professional help, you can be identify your hotel as major element of tourism. For a growth like this, it is essential to do social media marketing and also ideal product placement jobs which will be covered by these companies.

To identify the travelling trends and use it

Every year, there are travelling trends that fly cross the country. Magically enough, a lot of people embrace these trend and go with it. Since the country consists of a number of travelers, being a choice of these sort of people is economical in a massive nature. Although you as a company owner might struggle to achieve these idea plantations in the society, professionals do it every day. That’s why it is your best chance of achieving milestones like these.

Changing ideas of a society is easy. But what’s truly difficult is to change these perceptions for your commercial benefit. In doing so, it is essential to acquire professional assistance and your choice will always decide on the final outcome.

Children’s Birthday Hacks That Every Parent Needs To Know About

by on August 28, 2018

Children’s birthday parties are supposed to be fun occasions. But as a parent, you understand that this is not necessarily true. That is because planning such an event can be an overwhelming experience. You may have no idea on how to entertain so many young people. Furthermore, you also want your child to have a good and memorable time. But you should not worry. That is because with a little research you would discover all you need to know.

Have a Photo Booth

In this day and age, it doesn’t matter how old the child is. That is because everyone would love the idea of taking photographs. But we understand many compare the prospect of hiring a photo book with hiring exhibition displays Melbourne. Therefore if you don’t want to hire a professional photo booth you shouldn’t. Instead, you can try to create a DIY photo booth. You can easily do so by asking a family member to take photographs of the kids. This way the kids would be able to pose and take as many pictures as they like. Furthermore, with everyone having smartphones taking photographs would not be a major problem.

Give The Kids Tattoos

Something that every kid love to do is act like a grownup. Therefore you may know by now that there is nothing more grown up than getting a tattoo. Therefore if you want your child’s birthday party to be a hit you can give the children temporary tattoos. You can even hire trade show stands to direct the children to the tattoo parlour. Then you can have an array of tattoos and ask the children to select the ones that they like the best. If you are having a theme birthday party we would advise you to select tattoos that compliment this theme.However, we understand that it not always easy to find tattoos that match the theme of your party. Therefore if you cannot find any you should not be disheartened. That is because you can easily create them at home. All you would need would be a temporary tattoo paper. These can be easily purchased from your office supply store.

Face Painting

Face painting is a tradition in children’s birthday parties. Therefore if you want everyone to have a great time this is something that you must have. But we know that you would be wondering how to hire a face painter. Furthermore, sometimes these individuals may charge exorbitant amounts. However, you need not worry. That is because any adult would be able to easily accomplish this task. All you need to do is purchase some non-toxic paint.

Thus, if you follow these tips you would definitely host an amazing party.

Different Types Of Hired Individuals For Your Official Functions

by on July 31, 2018

These and many more skills make a great event manager and if you have them then you are sure to succeed. Official functions and annual parties are big celebrations for organisations. And they need to keep them interesting and engaging to keep people attending. In doing so the type of hired planners and activity hosts are very important. Within the whole event organising industry there are many types of hired individuals you can get to do various tasks. Let’s look at some of them and how they are used.

Localised hiring: Some event management companies from LiveWorks Pty Ltd provide foreign hosts and staff for different functions. However it is always advisable to get local individuals as they will be more cost effective and familiar with the area the function is taking place. Not only will they know the local language they will also know more about the local brands including your own.

Sample food distributors: when you have functions that especially focus on introducing new food items to the audience these hired category becomes very useful. Most often you will find them, walking around in trade shows and exhibitions where new food items are introduced to the attendees.

Promotional Models: There are different types of models who specialize in various tasks. You can hire them to be your brand mascot dressed up in brand colours or even have them dress up in different holiday and celebratory costumes to add life and interest to the function or party. You can also create unique and interesting costumes that they can wear to create hype and a fun atmosphere depending on the requirements and the theme of the function.

Hostesses: these professional individuals make sure that attendees are taken care of well. They will direct them to their seating and even answer questions about the event that the guests may have. Hiring them can make sure that all guests are treated well right from the start of the function leaving no one feeling lost or confused.

MC’s : these individuals are highly skilled and can take the event through its different stages in a timely and proper manner. They can keep the guests engaged, make jokes and even introduce other members of the audience to make presentations and hand out gifts as such.

Game runners: carnivals and fairs are popular because there are many activities to take part in. Similarly in a corporate function that hopes to create such an atmosphere, there must be game runners to keep the activities flowing and people taking part. Their skill and enthusiasm will make sure that those attending are really having a good time and feeling engaged.

These are some popular hired staff categories you can consider.

Characteristics Of Brand Ambassadors

by on July 17, 2018

Hiring brand ambassadors can bring massive benefits to a company.In today’s competitive world there are so many companies and brands fighting with one another to win the hearts of the customers. One major weapon that almost every one of these companies use is brand ambassadors. These are personnels who represent each brand either freely or for a paid amount. Since this form of advertising is one great way to earn income for such freelancers there has been a rapid increase in brand ambassadors for the past few years. While companies are struggling to figure out whom to select, some have been quite successful in getting professionals in this specific field. So, what is they secret? Well, you need to look out for certain characteristics. Some such characteristics are listed below.


Hiring brand ambassador just for the sake of it is never a good idea. You might come across some personnels who are not aware of their position and hence will not represent your company in a good way. Good ambassadors are well aware of what they are doing. They have a certain degree of knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Thereby, he/she will only need to understand the basic guidelines and the rest will be done by them. Such personnels will research and update themselves. That way, they will know what is trending and what needs to be avoided. Also, smart brand ambassadors have some great innovative ideas. That is why their marketing tricks can be unique and successful. Finding someone who has a keen eye and is quite tactful is the way to go.


If you were to hire someone who is not good in communication and who has stage fright, your company will not get a good reputation. Successful brand ambassadors will even communicate with your event agencies Melbourne to come up with great ideas. He/she will be running the campaigns successfully and communicating with people. A great speaker as such will be able to captivate a speaker with a few simple words. Hiring someone who has a way with words will definitely help you win a large number of customers.


Get someone with great leadership qualities and he/she will be able to attract your customers with just their presence. Such brand ambassadors will lead customers directly to your rand. Their persuading manner will definitely bring a good reputation to your company. Also, they will simply speak on behalf of it.